Dan Liu’s F/W Collection, “The Spy Who Loved Me”, which is named same as Ian Fleming’s novel and the tenth film in the James Bond series, is a tribute to the greatness of woman nature. Whether it’s from the novel or the movie, the main focus is the revolution and the changes of women position in the society to become more independent and strong, since in the movie, it was the very first time to have a female spy who works with Bond to fight crime together.

Just like this wonderful movie of 1977, the collection is created with spirit of 70’ with chic and elegance inherent to that significant fashion era. The collection is redefining the retro style of the 1970's with simple, but unique colors and patterns. Prevailing color in the collection is black due to Fall/Winter season, but with a hint of yellow, green, brown and pink to enhance the retro designs.

At the Spring/Summer of NYFW the designer Dan Liu showcased Part I of “Ima, Nippon” (いま、日本) collection, which means “Nowadays, Japan” and it is all about this lovely country in the southeast – Japan, the rare country which keeps the long traditional culture even until today in the modern society, even though all the technology and progress cause a lot of changes in its development and make the traditions fade away. It will be the first part of the whole collection to be presented to the world and industry in the nearest future.
The collection is split to two parts, because there is so much to tell about Japan, its culture, traditional arts, modern designs, exceptional fashion trends, amazing food culture, irreplaceable cities and places and so much more. Both Japanese historic arts and up-to-dated designs are amazing and have been studied by other countries all over the world.